Summer Lip Care

Summer Lip Care

Summer Lip CareSimilarly to our whole body our lips can be also sensitive to different weather conditions. Consequently it is essential to care for them both during winter and summer. The treatments however might differ the measure of preventions is equal.

During the hot season our lips might be exposed to different harmful factors as the UV rays, and over-drying. The damage can result in flakiness, irritation and even bleeding. Let’s see the basic summer lip care steps.

Lips need a special care since they lack the glands that would provide them with the natural moisture to stay fresh and neat. Instead the heat and sun can dehydrate the lips, that’s why it is essential to include the lip care rituals into our daily routine. Follow these guidelines to maintain your lips moisturized and in good shape.

Lip Balms

These tiny beauty products will provide the lips with the vital shield to resist the radiation of the sun. The proper moisturizer will keep the lips from deterioration and dehydration.

Look for those that have an SPF content. The sunscreen combined with the soothing effect will enhance the elasticity of the skin.

Make sure that your summer skin care kit contains a lip balm, read the labels and purchase the one that have ingredients as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.


Indeed we repeat ourselves however the hydration must be included among the basic steps for a proper lip care.The skin as well as body in general needs a proper intake of water in order to resist the damages of the sun, heat and pollution.
Lips seem to be one of the most sensitive areas on our face, that’s why it is essential to provide them with the necessary moisture.

Healthy Diet

Nutrition has an influence on our lips. The proper consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables can keep away the enemies of our skin. The several minerals and vitamins from these ingredients will do a huge favor to our lips.

A healthy diet is the organic way of offering our organism the vital amount of nutrients and antioxidant. That have a no.1. role in creating the protective shield for the lips.

Morning Care

Removing the dead cells is just as important as moisturizing. Consequently it is advisable to start the morning skin care routine by grabbing a gentle toothbrush and brushing the lips for a few second. This will eliminate all the residue from the surface, making the skin neat and smooth. Finally top the fabulous effect with a lip balm.

Night Care

The night is the best period to prepare our lips for the next day. It is highly recommended to apply a soothing layer of moisturizer to them that will be soon absorbed. This will regenerate the damaged skin cells and will further strengthen the resistance of the skin. This is the secret to have soft and firm lips all throughout the season.


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