Best Skin Care Products for Men

Best Skin Care Products for Men

Men are beginning to pay more attention to the condition of their skin and hair: Internationally, sales of skin and hair products for men rose from 26.3 billion dollars in 2005, to 29.7 billion dollars in 2006. That’s a huge leap, and the numbers serve as proof that men are … Read more

Men's Skin Care Tips

Men’s Skin Care Tips

Your face is very important to your self image, make it look great by having healthy skin! If you feel the need, see a dermatologist, However there are many things you can do at home to take care of your face.

Keep your face clean with a daily cleaner something that doesn’t dry out your skin.
After cleansing use an oil free moisturizer.
Stay healthy; overall body health impacts your skin.

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Five Beauty Products Men Should use

Though the beauty market is changing, it is still seen as slightly effeminate if a man uses beauty products, unless he’s George Clooney, in which case all that mascara is fine. (George Clooney is so wearing mascara in many of his pictures, he has lashes that supermodels would cave his … Read more