Best Skin Care Products for Men

Best Skin Care Products for Men

Men are beginning to pay more attention to the condition of their skin and hair: Internationally, sales of skin and hair products for men Best Skin Care Products for Menrose from 26.3 billion dollars in 2005, to 29.7 billion dollars in 2006. That’s a huge leap, and the numbers serve as proof that men are interested in the best grooming products that take care of their hair and skin. Gifts for men have correspondingly expanded into the realm of hair, skin, and other grooming products. Skin care gifts for Father’s Day are no longer limited to Old Spice – this is a good thing!

* Jack Black Products for Men –

Any man who cares about his appearance will love the Jack Black Core Collection. The gift set of full size daily shaving and skin care products includes a facial cleanser, conditioning shaving cream, and face moisturizer with sunblock.

* Kiehl’s –

Even the unisex Kiehl’s products appeal to men, since the packaging is distinctly lacking the girlie frou-frou of so many skin care lines. The best Kiehl’s gift for men is the Ultimate Man set: A body scrub soap to exfoliate, a face wash, shave cream and post shave moisturizer all come in a simple gift package.

* Lush –

This fresh, organic, handmade bath and body store has a huge, loyal following. Of the many gift sets available from Lush, the best package for men is likely the Overhaul . It includes organic peppermint soap, almond hand cream, shaving cream, a therapeutic massage bar, a solid shampoo and conditioner, and one of the Lush line’s most popular shampoos.

Clinique Men's Grooming
* Clinique Men’s Grooming –

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