Recipes of The Famous Eid Deserts

There are a number of cuisines that are famous as Eid cuisines. The Eid Day is the day to enjoy and celebrate the occasion. Recipe for some of the famous Eid Deserts is given below: Firni Ingredients: 2 Cups of milk 2 tbsp. Of Rice 3 tbsp. Of Sugar 1/4th Cup … Read more

The Art of Spending Wisely On New Clothes

With the advent of Eid-ul-Fitr not far away, the auspicious occasion calls for new clothes; children and adults look forward to celebrating the festival with new ‘joras’ or outfits to wear at Eid parties or family gatherings. A buying spree may have to be curtailed for some, in light of the current economic meltdown and spiraling prices; cash flow is hard to come by, and the innate desire to buy that ‘striking new print’ or that ‘perfect prêt-a- porter outfit’ may not always be possible, more so since you…..