Ghazal Maestro Mehdi Hassan Passes Away

The legendary Singer, King of Ghazal and playback singer for Lollywood, Mehdi Hassan died at age of 85 in Karachi today. He has been ill for the last 12 years but this year, his condition deteriorated significantly and in the last one month, he was released from hospital for just one day before … Read more

Pakistani pop singers

THE deteriorating state of any society is reflected by its form and expression of art. Considering the deplorable political scenario of Pakistan, it is not surprising to find that its music is in such a wretched condition, being turned upside down. There seems to be no minimum requirement of education … Read more

Pop wave boots guitar sales

The latest wave of pop music has swept the city’s young off their feet and the sale of musical instruments, especially guitars, has risen sharply, indicated a Daily Times survey. The city’s leading instrument shops, which previously sold between 50 and 60 guitars a month, have registered a five-fold increase … Read more