lemon cheese cake whitening mask

Lemon Cheesecake Whitening Mask

Whitening products often contain hydroquinone, a potential carcinogen. In this mask, the antibacterial properties of honey are boosted with the anti fungal and whitening properties of lemon. Both lemon and yogurt work as excellent natural peels, helping fade post-acne marks. Egg white adds proteins that help strengthen the skin’s own … Read more

Face Bleaching For Whitening Skin

In order to flaunt a fine skin you should perform bleaching. Face bleaching enhances your look by reducing blemishes. Most people carry out this face lightening process to look good and attractive but it is always advisable to know about the ingredients available in the bleaching substance. Most of the … Read more

Essential Ingredient To Promote Skin Whitening

Essential Ingredient To Promote Skin Whitening

BV-OSC is a form of vitamin C that plays an important role in face whitening cream. It has special properties that help inhibit melanin production while helping the skin produce collagen. Studies behind the ingredient show that it may help provide protection for skin cells than other certain vitamin compounds. The … Read more