Soup Diet

Soup Diet – lose 10 lbs in 10 days

According to a newly launched diet plan, all you need to do is eat more soup.  Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it? But Soup Dietwhat does it involve? Fiona Kirk, author of ‘So What the F**K Should I Eat?” and “Eat, Live & Lose the Flab”, says in her new book ‘Soup Can Make You Thin’ that a healthy diet of soup can make you lose a significant amount of weight in only 10 days.

Kirk’s theory is simple. Eat more soup, weigh less.

Kirk’s research into weight loss and nutrition has led to her believe that soup is where the secret to weight loss lies. She says: “When it comes to getting our waistlines in order, is nothing short of a miracle in a bowl.”

For 10 days dieters must eat nothing but soup (with a few exceptions here and there) and as a result will see a serious shrinking to their waistline.  However the fact that soup is a diet-friendly food source is no secret. For those of you wondering if this is the Cabbage Soup Diet in disguise, Kirk says otherwise.

She believes the main things that prohibit weight loss and keeping those pounds off are boredom, lack of variety, and one thing that the ‘Soup Can Make You Thin’ regime has, is a huge variety of foods you can eat.

So let’s find out how it actually works…

How it works:

The diet is based around the fat burning qualities of soup where dieters eat a variation of soups for 10 days straight, for breakfast lunch and dinner (and the opportunity for two snacks in between).

This is a relatively flexible approach to the soups you eat but the only fixed thing that Kirk recommends is that you include a good selection of the ‘SuperSkinny’ soups that she outlines in the book in those first 10 days.

Kirk says that soup is the perfect fat buster: “The combination of water and solid fills you up more effectively and for longer than if you eat exactly the same food but drink the water separately”. Makes sense right?

As well as this a combination of the fact that soup satisfies hunger, fights water retention, helps cholesterol, encourages better digestion, is a natural energy booster and is nutritionally a God-send makes it the perfect weight-loss tool.

However Kirk emphasises that this is not a crash diet but a way of life and her book ensures that with her guidance you will be able to keep off the weight by incorporating of all your new found soupy knowledge in your day-to-day!

She even includes a selection of recipes and guidelines of exactly which soups you should go for, for maximum effects – all you could ever need really.

Plus points:
One of the major plus points for this diet is that the food that you’ll be eating will actually taste good.

You also get much more choice than most diets as well as hopefully never having to go hungry.

You’re also given the choice to give your own spin on the soups you are making or follow the recipes in the book, so you can pick and choose (within reason) what you are eating.

Making soup can take some time but there are also ready-made options to choose from.


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