The New Fashion Police

Old is gold and new is bold. Bold enough to bowl you over with everything that they do. And they do like no one can do. Here is a great tidal wave of young fashion gurus and divas that has stormed our fashion industry shores… Rocking a lot of boats and changing the scenery of the breakwater. So charged are they that they could put KESC’s Power Station to shame. They are relatively new but surely on a signing spree. So meet the new fashion police, which is lighting up our fashion world.

Usman Dittu
A firm believer in the importance of hard work, Usman Dittu practices what he preaches. This multitalented individual not only runs his family garment export business, but also teaches at a fashion school. Of course, everything takes a backseat to his one great passion in life; fashion designing. Having graduated from the Pakistan school of fashion design , this overachiever has already partaken in a number of fashion shows and is poised to head straight for the top. But then , with talent like his and a belief that “women are the most beautiful creation of God.” Could it be any different?

KARMA, by Kamiar Rokni and Maheen Kardar, has taken the Pakistani fashion world by storm. Whether it is a Hollywood-premiere-Versace-inspired showstopper on a glam-ed up Nadya Malik or a gilt-embroidered bridal with a unique twist on an opulent Aaminah Haq straight out of Devdas, Karma creations are simple mind-blowing. Seeking to bridge the gap between eastern and western wear, they are the clothes to be seen in – and for a couple of young PSFD graduates, that is no mean feat.

Fayez Agariah
This sometime-rebel designs clothes that vacillate between minimalist chic and avant-grade goth-rock. The latter is the natural consequence of working with the anything but-conventional Vivienne Westwood, while the former is the refinement of an inborn talent that is present in spades. Fayez Agariah might encounter hurdles, such as the recent falling out with the eclectic partnership, but he smoothly rides through them with his integrity and individuality. One little known fact about him is that he’s also an ace costume designer. However, at the rate he is progressing, soon there won’t be anything that is “little known” about this rising star.

Nomi Ansari
Nomi Ansari is a recent entrant into the local fashion industry but he has already established a reputation of being a designer to be reckoned with. It’s no wonder that he graduated with top honours at the Pakistan School of Fashion Design and interned with the illustrious Maheen Khan. His imaginative fusion line beautiful juxtaposes western cuts with eastern embellishments. This talented young designer is all set to go places.

Maria B
“Fashion is art” – a snippet that sums up the philosophy of Pakistan’s fashion wunderkind. It was evident from the get-go that Maria B. would make a big splash in the fashion world: she sailed through PSFD, topping all her years, and then added another feather in her cap by becoming the first Pakistani to win the prestigious international fashion Design Competition in Belgium. Now she’s heading Pakistan’s foremost fashion house, with outlets all over the country, and catering to tastes that veer from eastern minimalism to trendy western wear. Maria B’s fashion ingenuity and popularity prove that for her, “Fashion is life.”

Mansoor Akram
Fashion prodigies like Mansoor Akram of Amina Yasmeen come about only once in a long while. Having absolutely no formal training in fashion, this whiz kid flitted from learning make-up with Tariq Amin to assisting Frieha Altaf with choreography to working under Deepak Perwani, which is when he realized that is was fashion designing that’s was his calling. Since then he has rapidly raised the ranks to become one of the most sought-after young designers, especially for his mesmerizing bridals, which many feel are the best among the younger lot. In just one year, Mansoor has opened up his own outlet on Zamzama, held a couple of fashion shows and gotten coverage in all the leading fashion glossies of Pakistan. Now that’s talent!

Nadya Mistry
Nadya Mistry entered the local fashion industry a few years back, and in a short span , she has managed to amass a loyal clientele. People can’t get enough for her unconventional designs and lavish use of vibrant colours. A testimony to her fashion prowess is her outlet in Park Towers, which reflective of her career, is large and successful. This Parisian-qualified alumnus of Nino Cerruti 1881 and Mary McFadden is not too keen to display her creations in local-style fashion shows-cum-social affairs but that has not hindered her branching out into a wide range of lines and ultimately coming out on top.

Hair and Make-up Artists
Mubashir Khan
For a person who believes that make-up can either make or break a face, Mubashir Khan has made a number of faces. He has a classy little salon where he lovingly fawns over each client, and for a short while, makes her feel like a princess. Any lady who comes under his make-up brush leaves the chair completely transformed into a breathtaking beauty. This former apprentice of Tariq Amin has blossomed into a make-up star in his own right, as evidenced by his selection as the solo hair at the make-up artist at the MAG Bridal Asia show, perhaps the most coveted styling opportunity of the year.Way to go man!

Akif Ilyas
What can one say about this versatile individual? His work speaks for itself. Karachi’s answer to Khawar Riaz does it all: whether it is make-up or photography, this guy excels. In fact, we had a difficult time deciding which category to include him in because he is so brilliant in whichever field he touches. But he considers himself a beautician first and photographer later. Anyway, his shoots are a delight to behold. With its signature look of kohl-rimmed eyes and bright pastel make-up, his work turns pretty ladies into traffic-stopping Venuses. For further details contact Vinny, Iraj and Sadia Imam.

Rizwan Baig
Although photography was only his minor at the National Collage of Arts in Lahore, Rizwan Baig (not to be confused with the designer!) has turned his passion into a full-time job. Pairing up with his better half who handles the cosmetic aspect of the shoots, they created Deevees. Today Rizwan is a photographer much in demand churning out phenomenal shoots right, left and centre.

Shamyl Khoro
Shamyl Khoro’s entry into the world of photography was very unique , as the first photos he took, which got published in local tabloids, were of some burglars who had broken into his house; his mother had shot the burglars with a gun and the precocious son shot them with his camera. He is all grown up now (and recently married!) and his subjects are no longer thieves of appliances, but thieves of hearts, I.E, supermodels: he is now one of the hottest fashion photographer in Karachi.

Usman Saeed
Another gift form NCA to the fashion industry is Usman Saeed. Although first and foremost a celebrated miniature painter, he is now making a name for himself in the arena of fashion photography. Usman dislikes the blank and bland expressions that are the norm in fashion shoots, and that’s why he tried to infuse some fun and enthusiasm in his photography. His aesthetic sense and artistic talent have brought him laurels from all over, and it won’t be long before his photography skills also bring in their own truckload of awards.

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