Things Women Love & Men Don’t

crapperBathroom crap:-

Loofahs, potpourri and peppermint foot scrub are among the products the fairer sex like to stick in their bathrooms to the detriment of the world’s water supply.

Give us a toothbrush and some soap and we’re good. It’s a woman’s need for excess that drives us to the brink.


Being dragged along on one of her sprees just so she can try every garment in the store and solicit your input on whether or not they make her ass look like oatmeal, is one hell of a tedious proposition.whygirlsloveshopping1


Women are constantly prodding men for affirmation.Because most guys are comparatively aloof,holding little gab sessions allows women to ascertain “where things are going” This might not be so bad if it weren’t for the fact that women pick the most inopportune moments to pry open your mental safe.


Guys prefer not to cry, the exception being a broken bone or downed satellite dish. But women know something we don’t crying makes you feel better, so good, in fact that they do it all the time. Like strung-out addicts, they need that feel-good fix and will cry three, four, five times a day just to get it.



Women place so much stock in footwear.but with so much else to look at, when was the last time you took a gander at a woman’s feet? Sneakers and dress shoes have always done us why do women have to go and complicate things?

Family get-togethers:-

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