Get your groove on!

Satellite TV channels and the onslaught of dance shows on them has made popular the once taboo concept of free expression through the body, as leading choreographer’s are beginning to provide classes following growing public interest in dancing. “It’s a unique time in Lahore and Pakistan, as people are becoming … Read more

8th National Youth Performing Arts Festival Lahore

The 8th Youth Performing Arts Festival of the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop (RPTW) kicked off on Thursday, 3rd December to 7th December at the Peeru’s Café, Lahore. This was the first time that the youth festival wass being organized at Peeru’s Café instead of the Alhamra Cultural Complex due to … Read more

Riveting Uzbek dances slake Lahori appetite for entertainment

Alhamra Cultural Complex looked surreal amidst decorative lights, as performances varying from enthralling Uzbek dances to hilarious slapstick performances by the Wall Street Theatre, Indian theatre and Ajoka’s theatre heightened activity at the Rafi Peer World Performing Arts Festival on Monday night. The Uzbek camp in particular was jam-packed with … Read more