Face Rescue for Those Moments

Face Rescue for Those Moments

Face Rescue for Those MomentsScenario: When your mascara is not waterproof, and they have runned

Use lip balm, hand cream or any cream that you have on hand, dab some under your eye then use a tissue to gently wipe off the mascara. If no cream is available, grab a piece of tissue and dampened it with your saliva to remove your make up. The trick is to fix your makeup before it runs if possible.

Scenario: A breakout on the day when you are going for a photoshoot

If the pimple has already turned white with pus, use a warm towel on it then gently squeeze the pimple with a tissue paper. Do not use your bare hands. If the pus has not erupted on to the surface, you can use some Vitamin E cream then use a concealer on the spot, then foundation , and finally a bit of powder on the spot using your fingers, to hide the spot.

Avoid the embarrassment of having a big breakout on an important date by keeping your skin clean with daily cleansing routine.

Scenario: Dandruffs on black clothes

Wet your hair with water, then tie it into a ponytail. This is the only rescue option if you are outside to avoid any further embarassment.

Scenario: Over the top make up that make you look like a drama queen and only 10 minutes before a big date

Pop quickly into a cosmetic station in one of those department stores, get some makeup remover and cosmetic samples, then go to the restroom to remove your makeup. Keep a wet towel in your bag for these emergency situations, then get out and go to another cosmetic station and ask for some foundation and lip color.

Scenario: Dull eye without a eye curler

With a cotton bud or spoon, use it to press the roots of your eye lashes against your skin. Wait for a moment and your eyes would open up slightly.

Scenario: You only have your lipstick, and there is a big client at the door

Use your thumb to apply the lipstick to your face. Having a blush will make your face look rosier and awake. Use your finger to create a smooth, natural and long lasting color. Use the side of a spoon to open up your eye lashes if you don’t have a eye curler on hand.


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