The perfect hair color for you

The perfect hair color for you

The perfect hair color for youWhen he dies your hair should always be sure of what color you want and what color will make you look better not worse. Hair color is directly influenced by your complexion that is why it is important to know which hair color will suit your skin color. When considering a change in hair color that you really one the rest of your facial features and skin tone will improve rather than detract or overwhelm your face and natural pigments to the skin. When choosing a new hair color, make sure you’re not just following a trend – too many people dying their hair colors that simply does not suit their face and skin color.

Is your face haggard with dark circles under your eyes? Is your skin pale reddish or strange? What color are the veins in your arms? These questions may seem strange to you, but they are important when trying to choose the right hair color. Here are some tips to help you get the best color:

* If the skin is discolored it is a bad idea to go for blondes and very dark tones.

* For dark skin it is important to the nature of her respect. Recommended colors are dark brown, reddish brown and warm.

* If you have a warm or cool skin or not your hair dyed the same color as it will only make you look sick or washed out because the hair white or mixed or improving the improvement of the unwanted color.

* Your eye color in combination with how dark or light your skin plays a major role in how light or dark a color should be, to give your best. Try this for a guide:

Light eye color with a dark skin or dark eyes with fair skin: anything goes.

Light eyes with a light skin: Stay light / fair with your hair depth.

Medium skin light eyes / Medium eye depth with light skin – try color light to medium in depth.

Medium Eye color depth, medium skin alone the dark and light blondes shades are for you.

Medium-sized eyes with dark skin / dark eyes with a medium skin – to keep the colors dark to medium level in your hair.

Dark eyes, dark skin: you guessed it: dark hair


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