5 Steps to Improve Your Style and Appearance

5 Steps to Improve Your Style and Appearance

5 Steps to Improve Your Style and Appearance Here you’ll find vital fashion tips that can help you revamp your looks, from the fashion basics on what colors look best on your skin tone to fashion advice on how to put together chic outfits to the best flattering women’s clothing for all body shapes.

1. Right Clothes for Your Body Shape and Size
By knowing your body shape, you’ll know what clothing shape, colors and designs flatter your frame — creating an appealing silhouette (we’re all attracted to symmetry), accentuating what you like and disguising the “bad” parts.

2. Right Clothes for Your Face Shape
Your face shape is the first thing people notice, and you want to make a good impression! You can use clothes and accessories to enhance, de-emphasize and improve the impressions of your face.

3. Colors Suited for Your Skin tone, Eye and Hair Color
The right colors make your skin glow, and you’ll look fresh and alert. However, the wrong colors can make you look pale, tired and bring out the discoloration of yellow teeth.

4. Create a Solid Wardrobe Foundation
If you want to make it easier to put on clothes in the morning (or any time of the day for that matter) — you need to make sure you have the important wardrobe essentials. These are your building blocks to creating a solid wardrobe that keep you covered on all occasions and seasons.

Note: Buy clothes you really need. You’ll save time and money. Take a quick evaluation and ask yourself: “How many outfits can I make of this… (insert fashion piece)?” “How many times will I likely wear it?”

5. Putting an Outfit Together
Playing it safe by relying on basic clothing isn’t enough. Fashion and style is about expressing yourself. That’s why we also need the latest trends to add some personality to your outfit!


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