Bollywood bound

Meera’s big break in Indian films? Meera surprised the Lollywood wallas recently when she flew back from Mumbai disclosing that she is acting in Mahesh Bhatt’s movie, Nazar Ke Saamne. Clad in a flaming red sari, Meera looked radiant (and also quite Indian), as she made a surprise public appearance … Read more

Pak-kiss girl: ‘I am half Indian now’

A leading Pakistani actress, who makes her Bollywood debut this week, wants Islamabad to lift a 40-year ban on Hindi language films to give a boost to warming ties between arch-rivals India and Pakistan. Meera, who has starred in more than 30 Urdu language films, told Reuters on Wednesday she … Read more

Kaun banega Meera patti

‘I’ve done nothing in Nazar that hasn’t been done before’

With all the negative publicity and flak that Meera has received in Pakistan thanks to her recent performance in Mahesh Bhatt’s Nazar and subsequent interviews to the Indian media, it is not surprising that the actress is now avoiding interviews like the plague. However, hurt and angry as she is, … Read more

Meera’s ”Nazar”

Lollywood’s popular cine star Meera is in Mumbai to act in her first Indian film. Meera told reporters here that she would be staying in Mumbai for a month to complete her Bollywood movie ‘Nazar’ which is set to be released around the time of Diwali. Responding to eager queries … Read more