Burn Fat Efficiently

weightlosstipsOur bodies are absolutely magnificent, they work proficiently but yet at times they need our help, such as in burning fat more efficiently. Burning fat though is intricate at times and some feel it’s an almost impossible task, thus they put on weight.

The way that our bodies work is that they burn a mixture of fat, glucose and carbohydrates utilized as the body’s fuel, but how much of each is used as fuel depends on many things. It stands to reason that the determination point is what you’ve eaten, and what you’ve done in order to burn up those fuels.

A starving body however stores up the fat in the well-known “feast or famine” mode. It will even change our metabolic rate in order to conserve and safeguard the fat so that it can “eat” it since it is not being nourished.  This is why those who go on crash diets defeat their purpose, and lose some weight, but when they resume eating, the fat continues to be stored, often times resulting in the person’s rapid extreme weight gain. This is because the body has burned up its own tissues when it was starving.

Basically all food that the body receives is turned into either fat, or glucose, which when functioning correctly is what gives your body the energy it needs. Having our bodies consume starches, such as bread, potatoes, and rice, creates glucose. Even the proteins we eat such as eggs, meat and beans will eventually turn into glucose

Helping your body burn more fat than what you are eating is basically what exercise accomplishes. The harder and faster you exercise, the faster your body uses up the fat.  This is how exercise programs work, by setting up a regimen to enable your body to do just that.

Using muscles burns more fat though, and that’s why so many successful weight loss programs utilize weight training as part of their plan. Building lean muscle will enable your body to stay healthy and it does so much more as well.

When you exercise your body with weight training, it uses up glucose first, then it uses up fat, though not as much as when the exercise stops. This is what is known as the afterburn. The harder you worked your muscles, the longer the afterburn continues. The exercises known as cardio as well as aerobic are also necessary because they too boost up your metabolism. This is why most of those are short but exceptionally intense-that burns off more fat.

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