The Fruit of Life – Apples

applesApples are more more than just a pretty fruit, they can also help you put a halt to the pound pillage. According to International Gold Gym registered dietician Tammi Flynn, there’s a link between apples and fat loss.

Apples and exercise are keys to healthy living. Eating an apple before each meal, combined with a low-fat diet and exercise three times a week, can help you lose fat more quickly.

Because apples fill you up fast, you eat less…

Apple fiber decreases the transit time of food in your digestive system. Plus, apples help to keep you hydrated. The natural enzymes found in apples help your body efficiently digest food that you eat.

The sugar in apples – It satisfies your sweet cravings without spiking your blood glucose level up and down like sweets.

Eating an apple before each meal – It’s part of the fives recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. One medium apple about the size of a tennis ball is considered one serving of fruit.


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