Eight of Makeup

Eight of Makeup

Eight of MakeupCosmetics are not guaranteed to beautiful. Use of the wrong that would make your face is far from attractive. Here are eight mistakes you should avoid in makeup. Try to be checked, if you are the actors ‘violation’ of this?

1. Shaved eyebrows
Many women who diligently lifted eyebrow, either alone or in the salon, to shape it more interesting. Nothing wrong with a smoothed form of the eyebrows, just do not shave it down and draw eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. Believe me, the slick and fake eyebrows without hair will only make you look fierce and terrible.

2. Lipstick is too dark
Unless you really goth band personnel, should avoid lipstick color dark brown, purple, dark red, or black. These colors will make you look old. But if you really want to try it, choose a colored lip gloss or sheer lipstick for color type is not too obvious.

3. Wearing foundation only in the face
Have you ever seen a woman with facial and neck color differences? Ridiculous is not it? Though this can be avoided by applying a foundation not only in the face, but also in the neck. Flatten for color striped neck and face no.

4. Wrong foundation color
If your skin is tan, do not force the foundation to buy yellow ivory. Its true that you will look whiter, but you will also like wearing a mask. Ask the clerk for help choosing a foundation color that matches your skin tone.

5. Menor
The easiest way to avoid excessive grooming menor alias is, select a section that you want to highlight: eyes or lips? If you are quite heavy eye makeup (smoky eyes, for example), choose a lipstick color that is soft and close to skin color. But if you want to wear bright red lipstick, make sure that other parts of the face makeup with a natural.

6. Mascara stained
An ugly feature of mascara is: (1) clot in your eyelashes, (2) discolored and make stains around the eyes after use for several hours. If you have problems like this, time to throw your mascara and replace with new.

7. Glitter
If you are already more than 12 years, should not have is wearing glitter on his face.Choose eye shadow with shimmer effect instead.

8. Untreated skin
Seterampil whatever you wear make-up, there would be a good result if your skin is not healthy. Smoking, sleeping late, and do not use a moisturizer that contains SPF is an example of a bad habit that makes skin dull, rough, and makes cosmetic difficult to ’stick’. So, even if you already invest with the best products and most expensive cosmetics, do not forget to also do maintenance on the skin. If necessary, regularly visit the dermatologist.


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