Long Healthy hairs

I Want My Hair To Be Long

Long Healthy hairs

Even in today’s modern times, women look enviously at other women who have a long glorious blaze of hair. Long hair is desired by most women but few are lucky to have a healthy and long crowning glory. Here are a few facts about hair for all those who aspire to be the owners of long and luxurious hair.

Hair growth is controlled by many factors. It is not quite wrong to say that long thick hair runs in the family because genes do play an important role. Other factors which govern hair growth are the hormones and cytokines produced by the body. The different levels of these natural chemicals produced in the body increase or cause lack of hair growth.

It would not be too wrong to say that hormonal balance in body is essential to have healthy long hair, in other words healthy body is the first step to healthy hair.

The rate of hair growth may differ from person to person depending on factors like genes and hormonal balances. The average hair grows about ½ an inch in a month, which would be around six inches in a year. So a person with short hair can expect to take about 4-5 years, to grow hair till it reaches her waist.

The general health condition of the person will be a major factor affecting the growth of hair. A healthy person with a healthy diet is bound to have healthier and longer hair as the hormones and cytokines are working in the right direction.

This might make one think that a person’s diet can play a role in the growth of hair. Consumption of certain kinds of food may help hair grow healthier and faster.

The health of a person can be related to the diet. A healthy and nutrient rich diet can help maintain good health. A healthy body with the right levels of hormones would mean healthier and longer hair.

For healthier hair the body needs a diet rich in vitamins A, B-complex, C and E

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