Jal Pari

The album kicks off with the all time hit ‘Aadat’ spicing up the mood.Then comes ‘Ehsas’ a comparatively slow track with nice vocals by Atif seeming quite fantastic with a touch of spirituality in the lyrics.The album gains a lively mood again with the song ‘Zindagi’, as it is a fast number surely not to be missed. The lyrics are inspirational and the guitars used are fantastic. Atif has really worked hard on this track. Next comes the song I personally liked very much…and that is ‘Yaqeen’. Its a soft smooth and a truly melodious song with nice lyrics and good music composition. ‘Dil hare’ follows and makes the mood lively again. The lyrics are catchy and composition is euphonic. ‘Aadat’ comes again with a bang, maybe not with a bang because the whole album has three versions of Aadat, and it seems that the album should have been named Aadat.

The next side contains a deep blue version of Aadat and its truly magnificent. On one side there are the same old lyrics and on the other aspect its vocals are truly magical, one can be literally mesmerized while listening to this track.

No offenses meant but ‘Mahi Ve’ does not impress one, I don’t know what is the reason behind sandwiching a fast track between two slow ones. After that comes the title song ‘Jal pari’…too slow or too smooth it can be a hit because of its plain simplicity and classical beats, still it didnt offer much. ‘Bheegi Yadein’ comes in next and its a lovely song with a perfect compostion perfect lyrics and more than perfect vocals, a perfect dance number…if anyone would have listened to the unplugged version, they would find it more enchanting. ‘Tehzeeb’ follows which is surely to be missed, nothing new here, ‘Gal sun ja’ is the last track, its a nice track no doubt if one dances with the beats, because I didnt get a word when it comes to the lyrics because its in punjabi.

Drawing a conclusion, the album is a must buy.Ignoring a few facts about the arrangement of songs and the repetition of Aadat, this album offers much more than you can anticipate…so get up, buy this debut and you are going to love it for sure.

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