Katlama- The Delicious Festive food of Lahore

A local Lahori festive specialty, Katlama (pori base prepared with May’da i.e white flour) topped with Basin (gram flour) mixed with herbs and spices, and fried in oil in a flat iron pan of giant size (absolutely not for calorie conscious folks!!). No matter where you buy it, Katlama always tastes the same. It is also known as Desi pizza.

You can have the traditional variety of this savory, pastry type-dish, a little slice of deep-fried heaven, and sometimes meat-filled during festivals in Punjab. Some restaurants also serve the value added Katlama. You can try the different varieties of like Achari Lal Mirch or Aloo katlama,the Tamatar Feta Cheese katlama .For meat lovers, there’s Keema katlama, the Murgh Gilafi to name just a few. All these scrumptious, authentic katlamas will be served with a Vegetable Korma or a Rogan Korma respectively.

The original katlama, topped with spices and besan is usually eaten on its own. Sometimes with chutney or raita or whatever you like. In festivals it is made in a huge pan of about 2 meters in diameter and it will be fried as a large pori of the same size, later cut into small portions like pizza.

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