Pakistan’s Paris Hilton- Mathira

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Nineteen-year-old Mathira Mohammad is as unpredictable as British weather. From flaunting her style statement — which may be termed as ‘minimalistic’ by some — to fighting her condescending callers with valor, She has the guts to do it all.

Termed as ‘Pakistan’s Paris Hilton’ by the Los Angeles Times, Mohammad has garnered media attention with her explicit terms of endearment, (“Koochie koochie muah muah”), for her fans and her suggestive dance moves onstage and on-screen.

Breaking boundaries

I have been called hot and sexy a lot of times. I take such comments with a smile. I don’t mind when someone comments on my figure. Initially I did, but then I realized if somebody calls me hot and sexy, they are definitely calling me pretty. People ask me if I had always aimed to break rules, but then they don’t realize breaking something is no one’s aim. When you break a glass, you haven’t been aiming for that. I was just being myself and that I didn’t know that would be like breaking boundaries!

The real and the reel Mathira

I’m as annoying and lively off screen as I am during my show. But there are always two sides to a person. When I am on my own, I am very sombre but the public side of Mathira is annoying, in-your-face and rebellious. I feel it’s better you smile and make others smile with you.

The bold side of me also makes me nonchalant towards the criticism I get. At one time, a caller taunted me for wearing a miniskirt. Now I don’t care if he hasn’t seen a woman wearing a miniskirt, I don’t take this narrow-minded bakwas.

Is Mathira the ‘modern’ Pakistani woman?

I don’t know if people are saying this or not, but if they are, then thank you! It just might be true. I believe every woman who goes out and works is modern. Pakistan is becoming modern so it is good.

Sharing too much?

Just like me, my family doesn’t take crap. My family knows my BlackBerry Messenger contact is common amongst my fans and they don’t care. This just means that 800 people out there know when I am smiling and when I am crying and what I am doing today. I have a loving family, that understands the importance of my career in my life.

What the future holds

I don’t like sharing what I am planning to do. For example, you don’t tell people when you plan on having a baby, you just have it. But yes, I am releasing a song soon which is titled “Jadogaar”. Just like me, my video will be extremely different and will not be the typical Pakistani video. Some might like it, some may not. But this is something completely for myself. It’s my desire and for myself. The LA Times published an article about me and yes more international articles are going to come out, so everyone should look out for them. I am also coming up with a very bold reality show. Besides, that I feel that a move to Aag TV channel was a very positive thing to do since it is helping my progress tremendously.

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