Social Media Commentary on Veena Malik’s Ramadan Show Astaghfaar

After an outrage on social media newly launched channel, Hero TV eralier decided not to air Ramadan Show ‘astaghfaar’ hosted by controversial Pakistani actress & model Veena Malik. The management was quick to realise the outrage & even more quick to announce that they will be airing the show no matter what the public opinion is.

And the drama begins in the first week of August with the first episode of show ‘Astaghfaar’ when Veena Malik informs her followers on Twitter.


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Since then Veena & her show has been constantly cricticzed and questioned. Whetehr she was a good choice to host the show or how religion & entertainment shouldn’t be mixed.  To create even more stir here is a caller proposing her Live in the show while the Mufti sahab urges Veena to respond positively.

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