Veena Malik to host show ‘Astaghfaar’ in Ramadan

Vivacious Veena Malik to host Astaghfaar show in Ramadan Controversy might be Veena Malik’s middle name, but this Ramadan the mischievous missy is all set to seek redemption – at least that’s the selling point for Hero TV. In a move that has generated enough hullabaloo to match that of the infamous FHM cover photo episode, Veena would be hosting a show called “Astaghfaar”, in a bid to encourage the ‘sinners’ to purge themselves of their evil and ask Allah Almighty for forgiveness. Needless to say that Hero TV’s ratings would skyrocket, as the battle to woo the audience at Iftaar time (Ramadan’s prime time) heats up.

Astaghfaar’s promo begins with a warning highlighting the fact that the hour to seek clemency for our misdoings has arrived. As fire blazes in the background, symbolising hell, punishment looms for those who’ve gone astray. The promo then goes on to showcase an emotional Veena Malik, spelling out her intentions of seeking forgiveness for her sins, and counseling the viewers to do the same.

Nonetheless, the prospect of watching Veena Malik – the woman that has made a mockery of both the cultural and religious beliefs from our neck of the woods – hosting an Iftar time show in the holy month of Ramadan is a hard pill to swallow for the masses.


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