Prawn Biryani at Biryani of the Seas

Restaurant Review- BOTS Biryani of the Seas Karachi

Biryani of the Seas or BOTS is perhaps the only restaurant in Karachi offering an extensive menu based on sea food items. From Fish to Prawns to crabs and squids whatever you want to devour, BOTS will satisfy your taste buds. The location of the place is quite nice both at Clifton and KAECHS but the place offers outdoor seating at Clifton Branch and parking is a problem there. The newly constructed branch at KAECHS looks impressive with excellent Indoor dining area but I haven’t visited there yet.

Plus point: Strictly Sea food based dishes and amazing variety of fish, prawns, lobsters, squid and crab cooked in Chinese or desi style.

Extensive range of Sea Food based BBQ and Fast food items including Dosa, Shawarma and Nihari too. Ever imagine these delicacies in Sea food? Do try.

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Cuisine: Pakistani, Barbecue, Fast Food, Chinese.


  1. Shop No. 20, Prince Complex, Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan. See Map
  2. SA 82, Main Commercial Rd. KAECHS Karachi ,Pakistan. See Map

What to Order: Sky is the limit though but apart from Signature Biryanis I would recommend Fish and prawn Chowmen, Prawn Chilli dry, Fish Boti Karahi and Prawn Karahi.

What NOT to order: We ordered two different Karahi’s at around 11 pm and they were served with cold Naan and chapatti. The waiter explains that they have to get the Naans from another shop. So I recommend that better to take away the karahi’s and enjoy BBQ or Chinese items while dining at the place.

Cost: Average per head cost would be around 300-350 Rs

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  1. just loved the bar b q fish
    and the pizza is amazing ………one won’t be able to find a pizza with such rich topping any where in karac

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