In Conversation with Poppy Agha

A food expert and chef, Poppy Agha hails from Karachi and became a celebrity chef with, A Taste of Fusion, on DawnNews TV. She also runs PCI (Poppy’s culinary institute) the first and only training ground in the genre of Fusion cuisine in Pakistan. She is now representing Pakistan in … Read more

Special Chicken Tikka Biryani for Eid 2011

Special Chicken Tikka Biryani for Eid 2011

Want the flavor of a good juicy barbecued chicken with a combination of a spicy Biryani rice, no one can say no to this, stop drooling and try the Delicious Tikka Biryani added by Zuausha Ebbad on this Eid day.
Usually people cook it with chicken breast tikka but I made with whole leg tikka, hope you guys like it.
Chicken – 1 kilo chicken breast tikka pieces …..i used whole legs 10
White Vinegar – 4 tbsp

An account of “Engagement Ceremony” held in Karachi

A few months back I had an opportunity to visit an engagement ceremony of one of my male class-fellows who is now engaged to a junior student who was in the same institute where we all were studying. The engagement took place when we, as the senior batch graduated successfully … Read more