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The Challenges Of A Gluten-Free Ramadan

The Challenges Of A Gluten-Free Ramadan

It is the 23rd fast and I haven’t had a single samosa this month. Some will understand right off the bat why this is a problem. Samosas, or some variation of them, are synonymous with Ramadan throughout the Muslim world. In Pakistan and India samosas are crispy white flour pastries … Read more

Social Media Commentary on Veena Malik’s Ramadan Show Astaghfaar

After an outrage on social media newly launched channel, Hero TV eralier decided not to air Ramadan Show ‘astaghfaar’ hosted by controversial Pakistani actress & model Veena Malik. The management was quick to realise the outrage & even more quick to announce that they will be airing the show no … Read more

Iftar & Sehri Deals

Iftar & Sehri Deals 2012- Restaurants Offering Iftar & Sehri in Karachi

Avari Towers Hotel

Iftar dinner buffet: Rs 1595 + tax

Sehri: Rs 1299 + tax

Carlton Resort Hotel & Club

Iftar Dinner Buffet: Rs. 1100 + tax

Marriott Hotel

Iftar dinner buffet: Rs.1395 + tax

Pearl Continental Hotel

Iftar dinner buffet: Rs. 1375 + tax

Sehri: Rs. 699 + tax