Rahman of the moment

AR Rahman probably has a cupboard full of awards the way some Bollywood names have cupboards full of skeletons. In both cases, it’s usually a case of ‘what’s the big deal about one more’. But the Golden Globe puts him, literally, in the global league. At this point, looking back, … Read more

A.R. Rahman’s 43rd birthday a low key affair

A.R. Rahman turned 43 on Tuesday as television and FM channels played special programmes to mark the day but the music maestro said the celebrations were low key due to Muharram. Speaking at the South India launch of a mobile phone, Rahman said the day was usual for him and … Read more

Actress Smithaa’s Bharat Darshan

Actress Smithaa who has lived most of her life in the US, decided to take a break and go back-packing across the country after the release of her film “The Awakening”. She hitch-hiked, traveled by train, bus and even bullock-cart to see and live the life that the people of … Read more