Almond Sheera

Almond Sheera

April 23, 2011 Sundus Soomro 0

1 cup blanched almonds (badam)
3/4 cup milk
1 tbsp ghee
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 tsp cardamom (elaichi) powder
A few saffron (kesar) strands mixed with 1 tsp warm water
2 tbsp almond (badam) slivers for the garnish

Burfi: Keeping the Tradition Alive

November 26, 2009 Alina Visram 0

It’s name derived from the Persian word ‘barf’ meaning snow, the original form of burfi resembled cubes of ice, due to its white colour, shape and crumbly texture.

In recent times, the burfi has evolved from a ‘simple to an extraordinary’ sweet. The transition changed it’s appearance, taste and colour. The use of essence for smell; addition of dry and fresh fruits for taste and topped with a silver edible leaf ‘varq’ for decoration on celebratory occasions.

The assorted varieties available include…..

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Sweet Poison

December 31, 2008 Athar khan 0

Artificial sweeteners are marketed to you relentlessly as “healthy foods” or “healthier” than sugar. But are they really? Just to clarify, some of the most […]