The lemon diet Day 4

Wednesdays’ target is to regulate your blood sugar levels.

Why? Because it’s one of the best ways of losing weight! If you have excessively low or excessively high blood sugar, you’re more likely to comfort eat and you’ll store the sugar you eat as fat.

How? First of all, drizzle your meals with 1-2 tbsp lemon juice, or mix lemon juice and zest into your cooking. Like vinegar, lemon helps break sugar down gradually into the bloodstream. To get your blood sugar under control, eat protein at every meal (protein delays the breakdown of carbs and fat), eat at regular intervals, don’t skip breakfast and opt for low-GI foods whenever you can (rice, wholemeal bread and pulses) as well as high-fibre foods (fruit, veg and all things whole grain).

Wednesday’s menu

Wake-up drink
Hot water and lemon juice

Raspberries and strawberries mixed with 2 tsp oats and 300ml milk

Fruit salad with lemon juice
300ml organic or soy milk

Hot dried bean salad (kidney, lima or any dried beans)
Wholemeal roll with a thin spread of butter
Natural yoghurt

1 tsp sunflower seeds
Small bunch of grapes


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