Vitamin C

The lemon diet Day3

Burn fat
Today, use the fat-burning power of Vitamin C to your advantage.

Why? Dynamiting, immunizing Vitamin C is one of the most effective nutrients for fat burning and weight loss. We mainly find it in fruit and veg, which just so happen to be the best low-calorie, high-fiber slimming allies out there…

How? Along with your morning lemon drink, get at least 5 portions of fruit and veg throughout the day. To reach your target, mix fruit with cereal, use frozen or preserved fruit and veg, and snack on dried fruit and raw crudités if you’re hungry.

Tuesday’s menu

Wake-up drink
Hot water and lemon juice

1 poached egg
2 slices of whole meal toast with a thin spread of butter and 1 grilled tomato
1 apple
300ml soy or organic milk

2 fresh or dried apricots
A few unsalted peanuts
Blended lemon, apple and watercress juice

3 tbsp each of butter beans, chickpeas and kidney beans mixed with tomatoes and green pepper with lemon juice dressing
1 wholemeal roll
1 big plate of green salad with chives
1 kiwi fruit

1 oatcake, cottage cheese and strawberries


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