The lemon diet: drop a jeans size in 7 days

The lemon diet: drop a jeans size in 7 daysLemon can have staggering effects on weight loss, so if you want to increase your vitality, eliminate toxins, get rid of excess pounds and boost your glow, get zesting!

Here’s our 7-day plan from nutritionist Dr Andre, with complete menus, recipes and daily targets.

7 days on the lemon diet is all it takes to cleanse your body, recharge your batteries and drop a jeans size!

The benefits of detox

Before you start your diet for real, you need to rid your body of the toxins that are hampering it and kick-start your digestive system. This doesn’t mean fasting! Starving yourself puts your body into a state of deprivation, which, instead of cleaning you out, actually makes your body produce more waste.

So have a whole day eating lots of natural foods which will aid the detox process, along with water to help the draining process and eliminate toxins.
Boost the cleansing process by drinking glasses of lemonade at room temperature throughout the day. To make your lemonade, mix 2tbsp freshly-squeezed lemon juice, 300ml filtered water and either 2 tsp quality (Grade B) organic maple syrup or a stick of cinnamon and a pinch of Cayenne pepper. You can also drink herbal or fruit tea and home-made vegetable soup.

At the end of your detox day, you’ll feel light and energetic, and you’ll have lost 500g to 1kg (depending on your weight and body shape).

Detox Sunday menu

Wake-up drink (7:30)
Glass of lemonade

Breakfast (30 minutes after you get up)
Fruit salad (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and cherries)
An apple, a pear, an organic yogurt and a handful of unsalted, un grilled almonds

Morning snack
A glass of lemonade
A banana
A handful of sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds

Bean or lentil salad with lemon, vinegar and extra virgin olive oil dressing

Afternoon snack
Glass of lemonade
A helping of crudités (cucumber, radishes and celery) OR a handful of dried fruit

Grilled fish with lemon juice
Steamed veg

1 hour before bedtime
Glass of lukewarm or hot lemonade


Continue reading for the diet plan for whole week.

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25 thoughts on “The lemon diet: drop a jeans size in 7 days”

  1. that “nutritionist” should know that “detox” diets have only been proven to be unhealthy in studies.

  2. Toxins! Look out for toxins! If only I could rid myself of all my toxins, then I would have the sleek, sexy body I’ve always wanted!

    Look, intuitively I realize it sounds nice to think that everything wrong with your body is caused by a horde of toxins building up in your colon or wherever due to a modern diet, but the fact of the matter is that things that are truly toxic to your body are rare and quickly done away with by the liver and kidneys.

    Eating a bunch of vegetables and fruit certainly won’t hurt you and it will probably help you lose weight, but that’s only because it is low calorie and high in fiber, so it will help you feel full for less, not because the “toxins” are causing your weight gain. Don’t assume something is good for you just because it’s all natural and gluten free. There are plenty of all natural foods that are terrible for you (e.g. hemlock, datura, the flesh of Glenn Beck).

    That’s not to say that there aren’t foods out there which could be classified as “toxic.” However, what matters the most is nutritional composition, not artificiality. I would say avoid refined sugar/corn syrup (or really all carbs that don’t come from fruits, vegetables and legumes) because it messes with your blood sugar, foods high in salt because they mess with your blood pressure, foods high in saturated fat because they are calorie dense and more likely to be converted into body fat than other fats, monosodium glutamate because it messes with natural satiety signals, and the flesh of Glenn Beck because it messes with your mind. They will all do a number on your weight, internal organs, and conscience.

    -Jon Chinaski, M.D.

  3. It has been known for a long time the lemon is a great detoxifier and helps weight loss. Drinking a cup of hot water with the juice of half a lemon every morning is a good start to the day and any weight loss program. But if you suffer from acid stomach you should avoid all citrus fruits.

  4. What can I substitute for the following foods? Help!

    Feta: Allergic

    Cottage Cheese: Allergic

    Milk: Allergic

  5. I have to admit I have tried these lemony diets before and really all it got me was a lot of indigestion. This plan has a lot of delicious looking recipes but I’m skeptical. I am definitely in the camp that believes that a healthy weight begins with a moderate and regimented diet, not a stripped down soulless diet. I love lemon though and this doesn’t look as evil as other cleanses I’ve tried. It’s important that you’re supplementing your loss of nutrition with herbal supplements though, don’t forget to get enough protein and fiber.

  6. What the hell are these ‘toxins’?? The word has been around since we thought melancholy was a disease, that was rid from the body by bleeding it out, and we still haven’t defined what these toxins are!! After that, i could see this diet working simply because it eliminates oh so many calories from one’s diet, that’s something that’ll cause weight loss right there, nothing to do with the lemonade!! Don’t be fooled people!!

  7. Indeed lemons play a role in your health. However, one cannot really justify that lemons alone can decrease weight. There needs to be a combination of health habits that are cultivated in your life.The environment we live in is full of toxins…Yes! But, it is indeed the calories you take in that will determine your weight management

  8. Hey, listen.
    All I have been doing is drinking lemon water with a bit of pure honey with an empty stomach. And then waiting about 30 mins to breakfast or anything in general. And for lunch and dinner I have just been eating food. But eating just till I’m full, chewing each bite.
    And you know what. I have lost some weight. More weight than I expected.
    Give it a try don’t put it down before you even try it.

  9. This is an interesting lemons to help with weight loss. I have lost weight almost 45 pounds by changing my diet to more healthy foods such as; high fiber foods and all natural supplements that I did some research on so I am always researching the newest diet tricks.

  10. The problem with all ‘fad’ diets and’detoxs’ is they do NOT change weight in the longterm. Yes you may lose a few pounds here and there but this will quickly return unless.
    1)You alter your life-style.
    2)You ensure regular exercise.
    There are NO quick answers.

  11. Quick weight loss can not be sustained as your hormones counter all your hard work as the body goes into a state of shock. Healthy weight loss can be sustained at 0.5-1kg per week. However a squeeze of lemon can help with weight loss, not because it removes toxins but because it makes your body more alkaline, and therefore reduces satiation (food cravings). A squeeze of lemon in your drink makes your body produce sodium bicarbonate, as citric acid is very week this over counters the acidity and therefore increases the PH within the body, reducing appetite. If you want to learn anything from this article it’s just put a squeeze of lemon in your water, DON’T do a crash diet, you will end up gaining more weight then you lost within a period of 12 months, this a be a dangerous cycle.

  12. This is very good and natural blog on health. It is very informative and the thought of the things is so great. Fruits is very beneficial for health. I found here that is very important information.

  13. I tried drinking some warm water and lemon every morning to boost my metabolism and ended up with a mouth ulcer…. Be careful!

  14. Sounds good, a lot of VitC.
    Look again, this is not balanced.
    A balanced diet of moderate portions
    together with exercise and water
    will keep you healthy.
    Our bodies are not our enemies.

  15. I heard Willie Nelson say he drank Lemon, Cayenne pepper and Honey water while fasting While writing song lyrics

  16. I’m not a big fan of mono-diets but lemon i good for lot s of things. I use to mix an egg yolk with the juice of one lemon and a teaspoon of honey when I feel hill… garanteed boost up!

  17. why does the liquid have to be warm? I’ve always heard that cold water is more beneficial to weight loss.

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