The Teen Craze: Glitter T-shirts

glitter-t-shirtsThey sparkle like gem stones, dazzle the eye; twinkle like stars and glow in the dark – Glitter T-shirts or more informally called Tee’s, have dominated the fashion industry with an increase in demand from teenage girls and kids, who love to wear them with jeans, gypsy skirts, shorts (mainly kids) and flared, capri or cargo pants, to casual and formal functions, school outings and birthdays, where they are proud to flaunt their beautiful glitter tops with embellishments that is the craze in fashion wear. Glitter Tee’s also fascinate boys and men, just as much as women of all ages.

T-shirts originated in the early 19th century and were first worn by the crew (sailors on-board a ship) of the U.S. Navy, as undershirts or vest; made in pure cotton shaped like a Tee, with a round neck, short or long sleeves, it protected sailors against harsh weather; it also allowed them to discard their uniform shirts on the high seas, when the sun got too hot. That’s why the common T-shirt is also known as a ‘Crew Neck.’

The trend to make the Tee look exciting and dressy was first introduced in The Sixties; the revolutionary era in fashion, cultural and social changes. By the early nineties, the vibrant ‘new-look’ in Tee fashions, received an overwhelming response by the youth, giving rise to global demand. Teenagers flocked shops, malls and outlets for more.

T-shirts with embroidery fused with rhinestones and sequence; assorted images of butterflies, birds and flowers, geometrical and abstract designs, historical motifs, messages in glittering text, portraits of famous celebrities (pop singers and movie personalities), fashion brand logo’s and even Barbie dolls emerged as design varieties. The modified Tee was becoming famous and a ‘hot selling’ fashion item.

Glitter or shimmering T-shirts have become so much in demand that specialists shops or boutiques have sprung up in many corners of the world; to personalize and cater to the needs of the customer. One can now choose with preference to color, a size that fits and a print that s/he finds attractive, which can be imposed through ‘iron-on’ heat transfers, all done within a short time. Popular forms of art display on fashion Tee’s are: puff prints, flock lettering, metallic designs, impressing and embossed decoration.

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