Makeup Tips for a Classic Face Look

Makeup Tips for a Classic Face Look

Makeup Tips for a Classic Face Look Soft and beautifully balanced, the classic make-up uses face-flattering colours to give a timeless look. The perfect beauty of a classic make-up takes a little more time to achieve. You need to follow a few ground rules. The essence of this timeless classic beauty style is a smooth and perfect-as-porcelain skin.

Using a foundation that gives a little more coverage, apply it with a very slightly damp make-up sponge (first squeezed out well in a towel). Remember to apply it over your eye lids and lips and to take it just under your chin (blending away towards your neck).

Now apply a little concealer around your nose and under your eyes, pressing it well into your skin and blending it in.

Sweep on blusher, high on your cheekbones, in an upwards direction towards (but not into) your hairline.

A velvety finish to the skin is important. Press on plenty of soft, fine, loose powder all over the face and then dust off any excess using a big powder brush.

Use two shades of semi-matte or matte eyeshadow (semi-matte is easier to apply) to give shape to the eyes. You can try using a paler shade on the lid and a deeper colour in the socket line.

The classic look calls for plenty of mascara to lengthen the top lashes particularly.

Don’t forget to treat your eyebrows to the full works. Emphasise them first with brow pencil and then blend the strokes using a foam smudger at the other end of an eyeshadow applicator.

Now outline your lips with a lip pencil that matches your lipstick, choosing a classic hue such as rosewood or cappuccino, to complete the classic look.


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