Healthy Nutrition for Child

Good Nutrition in Children Begins with a Good Breakfast Nutrition and child development are two terms that often go hand in hand. The more nutritious diet your child consumes, the healthier your child would be. The nutrition requirement of a child differs from that of an adult, because the child witnesses the phase of growth. It is owing to this fact that there arises a need to encourage healthy nutrition for child.

Here are presented some child nutrition guidelines:

  • Offer your child a wide variety of healthy nutritious foods like green leafy veggies, fresh fruits, legumes etc.
  • Encourage your child to eat plenty of cereals, but prefer inculcating the habit of eating wholegrain.
  • Milk and other milk products are a must for the growth of child. They act as fabulous sources of calcium that ensures your child’s healthy bones and teeth. Going in for low fat skim milk is not recommended for children under the age of 2, but young children and adolescents can definitely opt for low fat milk varieties.
  • As far as intake of non-vegetarian food is concerned, encourage your child to go in for lean meat, fish and poultry.
  • Choose foods that are less salty and less spicy.
  • Avoid foods that are high in sugar and fat content.
  • When it comes to cooking, prefer going in for cooking techniques like steaming, boiling and baking, rather than going in for frying, because that tends to involve extensive usage of oil, thus making the food item high in calories.


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