Onions and Beauty

onion_superstarOnions are known for their strong scent and for making those who have to cut them tear up. However, there are many other beneficial uses of onions. Onions contain sulfur, an essential mineral for hair and skin maintenance. Sulfur is especially helpful in controlling oily skin. Onions in general are great cleansers that naturally draw out dirt and kill harmful bacteria making onions the perfect cleanser for blemishes.

For Face Wash:

Peel and soak an onion in a tightly covered glass of water. Keep in the refrigerator overnight. Apply to blemishes. The stronger the face wash the less comfortable it is to use.

Skin Cleanser:

Onions act as a mild laxative to the skin by helping clear the system of waste materials. Grate an onion, a turnip, and a carrot. Mix together and add one teaspoon of aniseed powder. Mix well. Apply to skin.

Sleep Aid:

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