Sozankaar pret line

Prêt Line and Little Miss Sozan Kaar Exhibition

Sozankaar pret line

SOZANKAAR means ‘needle craft’ in Persian, which has been launched in Pakistan by Guddo Haider and Wajid Rasheed 20 years ago, during these two decades it has established itself as a unique and exclusive label in Pakistan and internationally.

Sozankaar, which has pioneered formalwear, eveningwear and wedding ensembles, enjoys a reputation for producing par-excellence. Sozankaar has grown and evolved over the years by staying true to its design philosophy. While running an outlet at Zamzama Street in Karachi i.e. the flag ship store of Sozankaar, another outlet is just off M. M. Alam Road in Lahore.

Sozankaar has gained international acclaim through a many shows in Kenya, London, India, United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai) and Muscat. Sozankaar has been invited by the Export Promotion Bureau to represent Pakistan in Canada in 1996 and in Nairobi in 1997 and has won many awards including best designer awards. Sozankaar has pioneered formalwear, eveningwear and wedding ensembles enjoys a reputation for producing par-excellence.

Miss Little Sozan Kaar
Sozankaar is now bringing Prêt line exhibition ranging between Rs.3000- Rs.18000 along with exhibiting “Little Miss Sozan Kaar” a new range of formal dresses for girls from 4 years to 12 years at Sozan Kaar Gallary, Karachi for the first time.

Colorful “resham kaari’s” from Srinagar, “jastee” from Swat, “kaantha” from Bengal, “rangoli” from Rajasthan, block print on “Chandri/Mysoori Silk” from U.P, chickenkaari and gota work from Lucknow, “kamdani” from Bahawalpur and block print from Sindh.

Event Details:
Time & Date: 20th August at 11:00 – Sunday at 22:00

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