Protect Body with One Glass of Milk

Protect Body with one Glass of Milk

Protect Body with One Glass of MilkLike to drink milk or other dairy products? Beverages or foods rich in vitamin D is good for strengthening the bones. Awesome nutritious glass of milk protects the body from many chronic diseases.

Relying on the morning sun alone is not sufficient to meet the daily requirement of vitamin D. It required additional supplements or foods and drinks that contain lots of vitamin D. One of them is milk that is rich in vitamin D.

Since childhood we always drink milk, but more grown up a lot of people just leave this calcium-rich beverages. The reasons were varied, ranging from bored with the taste, allergies, and fear of fat.

In fact, according to the Times of India, milk is part of a healthy diet and can be a major source of vitamin D. Not only that, but milk also contains nearly half of all the vitamins needed by the body.

A study using national data as well as involving 16,000 Americans aged 20 years or older, who likes to drink milk. From the results found, those who like milk has a third of the nutrients necessary and good to maintain a healthy body.

f a person does not consume milk, her body is very difficult to meet a number of nutrients, especially vitamin D,”

Now, milk is not only known for its role in maintaining strong bones, but the content of its high vitamin D-rich milk to make other benefits. Can prevent cancer, hypertension, and heart disease and improve the body’s immunity or resistance.

The experts from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) also recommends consumption of 400 IU of vitamin D every day, or the equivalent of four cups of fat-free milk or low fat. For your body needs adequate nutrients and not fattening.

With the findings of Experimental Biology in Anaheim, California is expected to encourage more people to drink more milk.


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