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Down the Mystic River

In terms of initiation, the eighties rules. Despite the garish technicolour, the empire sleeves, the culottes and the pantaloons, the decade had a regal bearing, one that crashed in with force and would leave its mark for years to come. With this tsunamic wave swept in the making of an … Read more

Face Off with Adnan Siddiqui

Actors bring to mind a degenerate breed, who can do anything that shock you. Because everything about their lifestyle is meant to be shocking, so you kind of get blasé and immunized about it all. But meeting Adnan Siddiqui is like a collapse of all these illusions and preconceived notions … Read more

Nadia Jameel: The Perfect Act

Actress par excellence Nadia Jameel has always cruised through life first class. As she stares at her reflection she reminds me of Shakespeare’s character Portia Seeing you perform onscreen is simply terrific. Does acting come as naturally to you as it seems to us as viewers? I always felt that … Read more