Aesthetics Internationals- Bringing Hope for Breast Cancer Patients

October is the month of Breast cancer awareness all over the world & probably the best time for the launch of Aesthetics Intl. in Karachi. Aesthetics Internationals, a Dubai based surgical and wellness center brings famous International surgeons to address surgical solutions for the increasing issue of breast cancer in the country and how to overcome … Read more

Olive oil fights breast cancer

Adding as little as 10 teaspoons of olive oil to your daily diet could help protect women against breast cancer, Spanish researchers say.
The findings, published in the journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB), show that olive oil mounts a multi-pronged attack on cancer tumors, stunting their growth, driving their cells to implode and protecting against potentially cancerous damage to DNA.
“This study is ground-breaking because it shows that olive oil and a