Terrorists Are Not People Of Religion Or God: Aamir Khan

Describing terrorists as ‘people who have no religion or God’, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan has strongly criticised political parties for targeting efforts by security forces to deal with these elements. Strongly condemning the November 26 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, Aamir Khan expressed his condolences to the family of the brave … Read more

Gia Ali – Willful, Wild, Wanton

Gia Ali – a name that spells trouble. An actress who ends up chasing more trouble than any other actress in the business. Wild. Wanton. Home breaker. Man-eater. One-hit wonder… All these allegations and a lot more resound whenever the name of Gia is mentioned; anywhere. But is she as … Read more

Pakistani Stage Play Receiving Ovations in United States

Would you like a Slurpee with that?” says the brown skinned, turban clad Sikh man behind the 7-11 counter. And this introduction serves as the basis for most Americans’ perception of the South Asian experience. We supposedly work 27 hours a day at gas stations, Patel-owned motels, quick shop marts, … Read more