Gia Ali – Willful, Wild, Wanton

Gia Ali – a name that spells trouble. An actress who ends up chasing more trouble than any other actress in the business. Wild. Wanton. Home breaker. Man-eater. One-hit wonder… All these allegations and a lot more resound whenever the name of Gia is mentioned; anywhere. But is she as … Read more

The Urdu Smile of a Yorkshire singing star

Language is no barrier for ex-shop manager with her own record label P for the Prime Minister of Pakistan marked the start of her amazing transformation from shop manager to singing sensation. A year on, Andrea Meadows is swapping her Yorkshire tones for Urdu on her first single which she … Read more

Pakistan’s Sufi Queen to Perfom in Mumbai

Pakistan’s Sufi queen Abida Parveen said she will perform a concert in Bombay to boost peace efforts between India and Pakistan. “Music knows no boundaries,” said Parveen, known for her musical renderings of Urdu poets such as Aamir Khusro, Kabeer and Bulesha. “I’m happy I will be performing in this … Read more

George Fulton got his dream prize: a Pakistani passport

A BRITON who held television viewers spellbound as he enthusiastically sampled every aspect of life in Pakistan, from dire poverty to the gun law of wild tribal areas, was given his reward yesterday — the promise of Pakistani citizenship. In one of the more challenging reality shows, George Fulton, a … Read more

Pakistani band Junoon still rocking for peace

Two years after its “Passion for Peace” tour stop here rocked Miller Auditorium, Pakistani-American rock group Junoon is back in town with the same goal in mind: To use its music to unite people across ideological and religious divides. The trio, consisting of founding members Ali Azmat on vocals, guitarist … Read more