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Wear Makeup and Look Natural!

natural make up For years women have been putting on makeup, and men have implied that they like the “au naturel” look much better. When we don’t wear makeup, they think we look tired or assume we had a bad day at work, and when we do they think it’s too “Barbie”. Well, here’s how you can wear makeup and look natural.

1. Cleanse and tone: these are two of the three pillars of getting perfect skin. Cleansing can be done by a weekly exfoliation and daily wash, while toning (to close up pores) by a face toner. Applying makeup on dull, flaky skin will just look like dirt.

2. Moisturize: the third pillar. Moisturizing helps makeup blend with your skin. I prefer tinted moisturizers because they kind of serve the purpose of the foundation too. The best moisturizer you can buy is one that is tinted; oil free, alcohol free, and with an SPF of at least 30.

3. Eyeliner: Arabs cannot live without Kohl. It’s been in our culture for ages and it beautifully outlines the eyes. To stop your kohl from running, apply Talc powder on your dark circles (which will also cover up the darkness).

4. Blush: with a fish like face, high light your cheek bones with a nude pink blusher. Even if you think you don’t have much on, with a tissue paper, wipe off all the extras in three gentle strokes over the cheek bones.

5. Lip balm:

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