Avoid Over cleansing Your Skin

Your skin naturally acts as a barrier, meaning it keeps out what it’s supposed to (dirt and free radicals like environmental pollution) while keeping in the good stuff (moisture and yes, some oils). When you over-cleanse your skin, you strip your skin of the oils that keep skin healthy and balanced. While … Read more

Super charge your skincare products for a better beauty routine

Super charge your skincare products for a better beauty routine

Has your morning and evening routine become a quick swipe of the cotton pad loaded with cleanser, followed by a dollop of moisturizer? Understandable but ineffectual – you won’t be removing every trace of makeup and dirt, and your face creams will be blocked by these remnants. But don’t turn … Read more

For Great Complexion and Reduced Wrinkles

To help sort through the millions of skincare products on the market today, read about the four basic tips for a great complexion to help you define your skincare needs. Today there are many products on the market to keep skin looking young, fresh and healthy. The reality is that … Read more

Stop Using Soap, Use Oil Cleaning Method

“Oil dissolves oil” has become a mantra to fans of the oil cleansing method or “OCM.” For many people, the simplest way to clear up acne, blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, blemishes, rashes or outbreaks on your face is simple: Stop using soap and other caustic synthetic cleansers, scrubs and moisturizers, and … Read more