Prevent Those Ugly Wisdom Lines: Simple Tips to Help Keep Your Face Looking Younger

As you get older and older, you gain wisdom and a few wrinkles to go along with it. However, there are tips below that can help prevent those unwanted wisdom lines aka wrinkles. Sunglasses and Sunscreen The sun is the number one influencer of wrinkles and other abnormalities that make … Read more

Nosh Yourself Gorgeous with These 9 Beauty Foods

Berries The foods you eat can affect everything from the smoothness and clarity of your skin to the shine in your hair and the sparkle in your eyes. So with the help of the experts, we’ve put together nine of the best beauty foods—guaranteed make you even more beautiful than … Read more

How to apply make up for warm skin, dark hair

Your skin tone can carry off burnished browns, warm reds and earthy shades beautifully. They will complement your complexion and emphasize your features. Here are some tips on how to apply makeup for Warm Skin and dark Hair. How to Apply Makeup 1. Applying Foundation – Dot liquid foundation onto … Read more