Be Energetic

Be Energetic

Be EnergeticSometimes getting through the day can exhaust even the most productive of us. Here are some great tricks to put you back on track.

1. Keep your energy high by having a protein snack every three hours. Remember, mood and energy follow blood sugar, so stay away from the sweets. Candy and sweets rob your vital energy so instead try:

• nuts and seeds
• a hard boiled egg
• nut butter on a cracker
• strips of cold turkey, chicken, beef or tofu

2. Breathe. Every hour stop and take 10 deep breaths. Go to an open window or a doorway and breathe in some fresh air. Take a short brisk walk if you can.

3. Massage the “chi” point on the fleshy part of your thumb to dispel a headache or clear foggy thinking. This reminds us that we are all an energy system.

4. Place three fingers from each hand on your forehead. This brings energy to the frontal lobes–the present moment and out of the past. Repeat the affirmation: “I am well, healthy, happy and productive.”

5. B vitamins boost energy. Use a sublingual B spray twice a day–mid morning and mid afternoon.

6. Avoid coffee after 3pm. Choose herbal tea and a handful of nuts instead.

7. Check in emotionally

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