The Dash Diet

The Dash Diet

Ever wanted to get a flat stomach, more energy and a healthy heart all at the same time – all without massive The Dash Dietchanges to your exercise routine? Then The DASH diet is for you! First things first – this is not your run of the mill quick-fix.
The DASH diet was voted the healthiest diet out there by a panel of U.S physicians assembled by the US New & World Reports for the third year in the row before Christmas – this is some serious stuff!

The DASH Diet or the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension is a long-term life plan that is designed to help treat high blood pressure, also known as hypertension – you see where it all fits now?

It’s proven to improve not only your weight but your overall health by promoting the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.  However miraculously this is also great for weight loss too! Sounds like the perfect option to us. 

How it works: 
The diet was originally developed to help people with high-blood pressure by reducing the daily intake of salt. However the natural focus on fruits, vegetables and balanced proteins made the DASH diet incredibly good for weight loss too.

Essentially you are restricting the amount of saturated fats, cholesterol and sodium in your diet to speed up weight loss and promote a healthy heart.

The original diet was documented in The DASH Diet Action plan and then later made into The DASH Weight Loss Solution to focus more on weight loss so you can choose which plan to follow according to your ultimate goals.

The diet plan is pretty varied and depending on your initial weight and health you can decide from two plans.

The Eating plan: 

Food type  No. of servings for 2000 calorie diet 
Grains 7-8
Fruits 4-5
Veg 4-5
Low fat/ Non Dairy 2-3
Lean Meats/ Poultry/ Fish 2 or less
Nuts & Seeds 4-5 per week
Fats and Sweets Limited

Initially this may seem like a bit of an odd thing to work from but the books are packed full of interesting, satisfying and most importantly healthy recipes that will guide you through your meals.
There are two phases to the DASH weight loss solution; the first 14 days are the initial transition period where carbs and fats are replaced by a protein rich diet to kick-start that metabolism (hence the greatest weight loss during this period).

The second phase concentrates on reducing starchy vegetables and wholegrains to maintain that weight loss and improve your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. The diet also helps lower the risks of strokes, heart disease and kidney stones.

So think colourful plates, lean meats and lots of fruit and vegetables and you’ve got the DASH diet!

Results will vary depending on what kind of plan you are on but after 2 weeks you should be able to drop around a dress size as well as getting a much trimmer torso.

Founders say that most people tend to lose around 5lbs in the first two weeks and around 10lb to 35lbs over a period of 2 months.

Plus a significant drop in cholesterol levels!

Plus points: 
The biggie here is that you can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels without the need for medication!

Instead of calorie counting and fussing about fat content this diet looks specifically at the type of food you are eating to promote weight-loss. This will not only do miracles for your weight but also for your sanity too!

As well of this there is the obvious benefit of a faster metabolism as a result of diet change. Most of all this is a diet that has a long term outlook, so instead of the yo-yo effect of other diets that you can’t sustain – with the DASH diet you will be able to be healthy forever more!
As far as we can see the only downside to this diet is that you can’t stuff your face with cake..


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