Bridal Competition in Peshawar

For a change this time an event like this is not happening in Lahore or Karachi but in Peshawar. Over a dozen make-up artists and fashion designers across Peshawar took part in a competition to promote the local make-up and fashion industry on 23rd of June 2010.
The event was organized by Beautician College of Art in Pakistan’s northwestern city Peshawar. Models display bridal dresses in a competition which were intricately embroidered. From dresses to make up and accessories everything was no less than perfect.

Culinary efforts: Lucknow hosts Pak food festival

The Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan may have met in Delhi for diplomatic talks to improve bilateral relations, but in Lucknow efforts of another kind are on to improve ties between the two countries. The city is hosting a Pakistani food festival—Zaika-e-Pakistan — and on the platter are Peshawar’s … Read more

Pakistani artistes making money worldwide

Pop music is rapidly taking over the Pakistani music scene, despite the moral brigade and diktats of the clergy. “Pop, along with soft rock, is growing in popularity. It has developed in a very short span of time and shows more promise than even Indian pop music,” claims Saadia, 19, … Read more

The Playful Alley Cat

Trivia Full name: Marina Khan Birth Place: Peshawar Age: 41 Star Sign: Capricorn Education: B.A. Favorite Eat Out: I think every eat out is my favorite. I just love to eat. Your Fantasy: Having a bit pet farm at some point. One thing you would never want to have: Greed … Read more