Stunning Home Remedies to Get Rid of Acne

Home remedy for acnes is arguably the most effective way to bid adieu to these itchy acnes, thus bringing relief to the acne-sufferers. With so many expensive, and most importantly unsafe surgical treatments swarming the market, people now days are falling back more and more on acne home remedies versus the OTC treatments. Acne home … Read more

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Recipes for Acne and Allergy

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Recipes for Acne and Allergy

The essential oils used in aromatherapy are rich in medicinal properties that can not only cure different conditions of the mind and body, but can also destroy the root cause of the condition. These essential oils are today readily available and can be used by anyone to experience a relaxing … Read more

sandalwood powder

Sandalwood Powder for Face

Sandalwood is an Indian tree, the wood of which is used to make many cosmetic and aromatic products. It is used in religious ceremonies and fine woodworking as well. Sandalwood is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic remedy for various skin conditions. Sandalwood has antimicrobial properties which make it an effective herb … Read more