Achari Karahi

Achari Karahi

Achari KarahiIngredients:

Beef ½ kg

Yogurt 250 grams

Green chilies 5 to 6

Ginger garlic (chopped)-1tbsp

Lemon juice 2tbsp

Red Chilies chopped-1tbsp

Saunf (Fennel seeds)-½ tsp

Jeera (Cumin seeds )-½ tsp

Methi seeds (Fenugreek seeds-1 pinch

Kalonji (Black Onion seeds)-1 pinch

Rai (Black Mustard Seeds)-½ tsp

Oil-½ cup

Salt-to taste

Coriander leaves-for garnishing


• First of all take a fry pan add oil then add ginger garlic (chopped), green chilies (chopped) and mix it nicely than add yogurt in it and 1 cup of water.
• Mix up all the items well put cap on the pan and leave it till beef gets soften.
• Get a cup and add Saunf ( Fennel seeds), Jeera ( Cumin seeds ), Kalonji ( Black Onion seeds ), Methi seeds ( Fenugreek seeds ), Rai ( Black Mustard Seeds ), salt, red chilly and blend it properly.
• When the ingredients in the Bowl get to add the dry mixture and mix and cook over low heat.
• Please add the lemon juice and green chilies and cook for a few minutes over low heat, get out of the bowl and garnish with the cilantro, and its ready to serve.


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