Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan - Live

Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan – Live

After the Grand & Mega Success of 2 back to Back Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Concerts in 2010 and Abida Parveen Concert in November 2011 …..
The Royal Rodale Club & Studio Maxx Presentations
Jointly Present

Bomb Explodes near Sonu Nigam’s Concert Venue

KARACHI: A man was killed and at least eight others were seriously injured when a car bomb exploded in Zulfiqar Street near the Carlton Hotel, where the police had established a cordon for the security of musical concert of famous Indian singer Sonu Nigam at the Golf Club on Saturday … Read more

Concert: Jal, Call, Visaal unplugged

jB Productions presents, M:fesT’04.. featuring.. Jal (live question n answer session with them) , Call, Visaal, Dye Corduroy and ‘special’ appearences n performances by some celebrities. all live n unplugged [venue] SilverStar, Fortress. [date] 30th July,2004 [time] 7 pm * ticket also includes a free Bowling game. One per person. … Read more

The first Bollywood concert in Lahore

The first Bollywood concert to be held in Lahore, earlier scheduled for mid-February has been rescheduled to March 25. When Concord 2004 was suddenly postponed last month, Bunty Walia, Managing Director of GS Entertainment had cited “technical reasons” for the deferment. But the new date means that the first show … Read more